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    Who ARE these guys?

    You've listened, you've read and perused, you've laughed and had fun (hopefully) and maybe even tried a beverage you have never tried before. Somewhere during this period of time, you may have wondered "Who are these guys?" As much as we would like to remain cloaked in a shroud of secrecy, hiding just beneath the rich, creamy, foamy head of a giant mug of Guinness draught, we realize that if we are asking you to share yourself with us, we need to share some more of who we are with you.

    We are two brothers, Keith and Andrew, who share an affinity for beverages of all kinds. We worked together for 11 years at Arbuckle Coffee Roasters in Tucson, where Andrew still works as the roastmaster, and while Keith has moved on to work for your neighborhood Trader Joe's grocery stores, we still continue to discuss the latest in the beverage world. It was probably about eight years ago that we initially discussed the idea of a beverage podcast, but after a couple of brief discussions, it faded away. Although it faded away, it never completely disappeared. A little more than seven years ago it came up again and this time, it actually took root and started to grow. We have always enjoyed talking aboutbeverages, whether it be professional or recreational. We are always trying a new beer, wine, coffee, tea, spirit, etc, at family festivities and then we talk about it. Those types of discussions are always fun and informative and we take those experiences out into the world and share them with people we encounter everyday. It seemed like a natural next step in today’s world filled with “on demand” this and “social media” that, that we could easily and in a timely fashion share this passion with a much larger audience. We could reach out to more people and of course, learn from more people, and have a lot of fun doing it. This is our hope, our goal, and we are glad that you have found our blog. Now that you are here and are reading or listening, you have become a part of it!

    It is hard for us to believe that this year marks our 6 year Anniversary! Wow, we are going to take a moment to let that sink in…. From the bottom of our hearts (and our empty, yet soon to be filled beer glasses) we want to thank all of our listeners/viewers and contributors to the show. Each and every one of you helps to make the show and the site what it has become. We started as 2 guys sharing one mic hanging from Andrew's ceiling fan, seated not more than an inch apart (it’s true), doing audio only. Now, 6 years later, we actually have guests on our show, everyone has their own mic (4 and counting), and we have video podcasts! Also, in April of 2014 we had another first as we took our show on the road to a local bottle shop, Tap & Bottle! Things are going to start happening to us now….

    Two things that have remained a constant since the moment we started talking about this site are the fact that we both really enjoy working together and we both still love talking about beverages. We don’t see either of those things changing, ever. We will have some new features, new guests, and of course new things to try as we roll thru 2015 and into 2016, which we are looking forward to. We still have our app available for download for use on your mobile device. We continue to be on Facebook and we hope you will "like" us and become a "friend" of the show.  We are also on Twitter and continue to Tweet with a vengeance.  We still have our recommendation scale which is easy to understand, yet accurately and completely encompasses the way we truly feel about the beverages we are trying. With technology improving by the minute and Andrew's skills improving by the second, who knows what's on the way in the coming months!

    Thanks again to all of our listeners for 6 amazing years! We are excited to see what the future will bring…

    Cheers Looking at You

    Keith and Andrew 

    P.S.  Andrew is on the left and Keith is on the right in the picture.