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    Give It A Shot - Kisses Betwixt Collaboration Beer from The Bruery Terreux & Dogfish Head

    It is rare that both of us aren’t feeling well on a Thursday night that we are planning on live-streaming and recording podcasts, but that is exactly the scenario we encountered last week. The end result of something like that happening is that it just makes us hungrier (or thirstier) when we come back the next week. This episode marks the beginning of that week and we have something to try that has all the makings of being a real treat. Recently, Andrew, his wife, and two friends of the show (let’s call them H & J) were fortunate enough to attend an event and Tap and Bottle’s downtown location. It was a tasting featuring several items from The Bruery and what we will be trying is one of the items that Andrew bought while he was there. For today’s show we will feature the Kisses Betwixt which is a collaboration beer from The Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head. It is blend of two beers, the Mr. This is Ridiculous and the Mrs. This is Ridiculous. Andrew was able to try the two beers that make up this blend separately, but true to his values, he has not yet tried the blend. What did we think? What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below or join us live on Thursday nights to give us your feedback while we are live streaming on Twitch. 

    If you have any ideas for future episodes of "Give It A Shot" or just have a question, you can always send us an email to AboutBeverages@q.com.

    You may click on the media player to listen directly on our website, right click the link below to download and listen to it later, or subscribe to us and never miss an episode. Enjoy!


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