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    Give It A Shot - OKF Organic Aloe Vera Juice

    The story of how this episode came to be has its origins from one of our recent shows. A few weeks back, we tried the Hops Water from Lagunitas Brewing. During our discussion, we picked up on a variety of flavors and there was one flavor note that reminded Keith of this shows featured beverage. Since Andrew had never tried anything like it before we decided it was time to feature it on one of our shows. This week we will try the OKF Aloe Vera Drink with pulp. It contains 95% aloe vera and is certified organic. The other 5% is a mystery that we are ready to solve. Actually, we solved it by looking at the ingredient list (after we tried it), so it really wasn’t much of a mystery. What did we think? What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below or join us live on Thursday nights to give us your feedback while we are live streaming on Twitch. 

    If you have any ideas for future episodes of "Give It A Shot" or just have a question, you can always send us an email to AboutBeverages@q.com.

    You may click on the media player to listen directly on our website, right click the link below to download and listen to it later, or subscribe to us and never miss an episode. Enjoy!


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