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    Recommendation Scale: 

    0=Thanks but no thanks.  We have not yet developed an appreciation for this beverage (and don’t intend to).

    1=A beverage that we would purchase/drink again under the right circumstances.

    2=A beverage that we really enjoyed and would easily recommend.

    3=A without hesitation recommendation!  We suggest that you head out to your nearest beverage establishment right now.  We’re already there and may be buying the last one.

    Half numbers indicate that one of us enjoyed the beverage a little more than the other.

    If you have any questions or comments about our recommendation scale please feel free to email us at AboutBeverages@q.com. One quick note.  Despite what some people may think one is not a bad score.  The only number to truly avoid if you are looking at our scale is zero.  We like one.  One is good.  Just not as good as two or three.